Same day Shirt Service

We specialise in safely laundering all types of shirts.  Our gentle process is easy on buttons, yet can remove the toughest collar and cuff stains.  All our shirts are machine and hand ironed, or we also offer a completely hand ironed shirt. You may choose among light, medium, and heavy starch selections.

Shirt hangers are packaged with collar supports and cuffed shirts are individually tied with cuff studs.

Our boxed shirts are individually wrapped in plastic for easy traveling or shelf storage.

Shirts & blouses are pre-treated for both general collar/cuff grime and specific stains before being machine washed with the highest quality detergents, conditioners and sizes to give you cleaner, brighter shirts. Brilliant whites, eye-popping colours - quite simply, noticeably better results!

Our shirt service offers free button stitching.

Our quality of shirt service is such that even at the end of the day you will feel the same crispiness and freshness, it is as if you have just put the shirt on. You wake and dress with confidence to conquer the day.

You have got to try the service to believe it, you will be hooked on the shirt service then every week.