Service Wash

It is just simple laundry for everyday items like t-shirts, jeans, socks, towels, sheets, etc. that is washed, dried and folded. It’s the laundry you can do at home, but if you’re too busy or you have too many guests and need laundry in a hurry, or even sometimes your washing machine breaks down, or it is too much hassle to dry clothes in a cold winter or you simply have better things to do with your time, then we’ll do it for you.

The whites and colours are separated before washing. In all washes we use softeners with fragrance to give that extra freshness. Each item is then nicely folded and packaged. 

This type of service is normally done the same day or next day.

At some small extra cost we can steam (not Iron) all the garments so that they are crease free when you get them.

A lot of our customers are hooked on this crease free and smooth service.