Same day Drycleaning Service

Through a combination of investment in the latest technology, using the best available solvents and chemicals and by only employing skilled employees we provide you with an unrivalled level of performance and service.

With all of our experience we will inspect your garments carefully,  checking for buttons, ornaments, damage of lining etc. If necessary our expert tailor will remove expensive buttons or ornaments if possible before cleaning.

All garments are separated not only by colour but type of temperature needed, special care like hand wash etc; are inspected of stains is the most important aspect of counter service.

We will give our honest opinion on what outcome to expect.  The owner has stain removal training.
We remove most stains where others have failed, but still we cannot carry out miracles.

Over the years our policy has been to be honest, give the best of what we have got to take care of the garment throughout the process and at a reasonable price.

At Lords our difference is the scope of our dry-cleaning methods and labour-intensive hand inspection.  After one of our counter staff examines a piece - most cleaners use one treatment to treat a coffee stain. We use as many as three:  one to remove the coffee, one to remove milk or cream, and another to address sugar.