Curtain Cleaning

The cleaning of curtains is a major part of our business.

We will come to your home/office and take down and clean and re-hang them for you.

Every job is a different.  We are always happy to come and give you free estimates. Normally we price by the weight in kilos and offer free collection and delivery.

We recommend the dry cleaning of your curtains every year in order to extend their life.

Not cleaning for a long time makes it difficult to remove all the dirt and stains and over time it can damage the fabric.

We advise to clean more regularly and frequently if anyone in the house suffers from allergy/ asthma etc.

Smoking not only sets the typical smell but nicotine damages the fibre of the curtain over time.

Dry cleaning is the most suitable method to clean your curtains when they have accumulated dirt, dust, smell and allergens.

Onsite cleaning does not bring brilliant results especially when you have interlined curtains.

Our expert Tailor can also repair and alter your curtains.  Completing jobs like replacing of linings, shortening/ lengthening or repairing tears or edging or fitting new strings etc.

We will dry clean or wet clean your net curtains, blinds, tie backs, pelmets, swags and tails.

We do not take fittings off tracks or complete any DIY jobs on the walls or fittings that involve nails and specialist skills.

However we have associated experts to do these types of jobs who we can get estimates from.

We clean fabric blinds. We prepare them for cleaning. Our tailors remove any rods/poles inside the blind and then fit them back after cleaning.